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2210 johnoel
Simplify admb script.
2209 johnoel
Add change item for build/debug.
  • windows8-vc11: uploading build\admb-dist.zip -  
2207 johnoel
Clean up, use prefixes instead of directories for objects.
2206 johnoel
Fix broken build.
  • windows8-mingw32: uploading build\admb-dist.zip -  
  • windows8-mingw64: uploading build\admb-dist.zip -  
2205 johnoel
Remove ununsed targets.
2204 johnoel
contrib debug objects should go to objects/debug/contrib
2203 johnoel
Wrap macro.
2201 johnoel
Fix windows batch missing -debug flag with -g option.
2200 johnoel
Fix batch for syntax.
2199 johnoel
Wrap header with conditional macro.
2198 johnoel
Fix typo.
2197 johnoel
Fix dos command for copying multiple files.
2196 johnoel
Opps DEBUG should be commented out.
2195 johnoel
If DEBUG=yes, send to build/debug.
2194 johnoel
Include gdbprintlib.
2193 johnoel
Put debug into separate directory.