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Reykjavik, 2013

ADMB Developers' Workshop, MRI & Univ Iceland, 18-22 Sep 2013
Map of Reykjavik
File PDF document flyer.pdf
File PDF document groups.pdf
File PDF document plan.pdf
File PDF document Lunchtime seminar (Mon 16 Sep)
File PDF document Lunchtime seminar (Tue 17 Sep)
File PDF document University of Iceland (Thu 19 Sep)
File ZIP archive
Fournier et al. (2012) & Bolker et al. (2013, incl. orange example)
Meeting notes
NCEAS benchmark table
Compiled and tabulated by Reykjavik workshop participants
ADMB manual in HTML
Initial test, using htlatex (Aaron Greenberg)
Source tree
Overview of ADMB code structure (Arni Magnusson)
Intro to ADMB
One page intro to ADMB for new users (Arni Magnusson)
Experimental source repository for ADMB (Athol Whitten)
File PDF document doxygen-github.pdf
Doxygen/GitHub demo (Steve Martell)
File PDF document parallel.pdf
Parallel test results (Anders Nielsen)
File PDF document Rcpp.pdf
R package that can communicate with AUTODIF (Finlay Scott)
File PDF document splines.pdf
Splines with R and ADMB (Jan Jaap Poos)
File PDF document RcppAD.pdf
New AD software (Kasper Kristensen)
RcppAD repository
File PDF document photo_album_v1.pdf
Reykjavik developers workshop report
Developers workshop report
File Meeting report
Developers Workshop