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alk.cpp File Reference

Age-length probability transition matrix. More...

#include "statsLib.h"

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dvar_matrix ageLengthKey (const dvar_vector &mu, const dvar_vector &sig, const dvector &x)
 Age Length Key.
dmatrix ageLengthKey (const dvector &mu, const dvector &sig, const dvector &x)
 Age Length Key.
dvar_matrix ALK (dvar_vector mu, dvar_vector sig, dvector x)

Detailed Description

Age-length probability transition matrix.

This file contains a function for computing a conditional probability transition from age-to-length. This is also known as an age-length-key in standard Fisheries Stock assessment jargon. This function is useful for converting proportions-at-age to length-at-age by mulitplying a vector of age proportions times the age-length-key. The result is a vector of lengths. Note that in this function the rows are ages, and colums are length intervals.
Steven Martell

The function is implemented as

\[ P(x|a) \]

where $P(x|a)$ is the probabilty of being in the length interval $x$ for a given age $a$.

Definition in file alk.cpp.

Function Documentation

dmatrix ageLengthKey ( const dvector mu,
const dvector sig,
const dvector x 

Age Length Key.

Steven James Dean Martell UBC Fisheries Centre
muis the mean length-at-age
sigis the std in mean length-at-age
xis the vector of break points for the length bins
dmatrix containing the probability of length(x) for a given age(a)
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Definition at line 79 of file alk.cpp.

dvar_matrix ALK ( dvar_vector  mu,
dvar_vector  sig,
dvector  x 

Definition at line 105 of file alk.cpp.