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ivector Member List
This is the complete list of members for ivector, including all inherited members.
allocate(const ad_integer &ncl, const index_type &ncu)ivector
allocate(int ncl, int ncu)ivector
allocate(const ivector &iv)ivector
allocate(const dvector &dv)ivector
allocate(const char *)ivector
allocated() const ivector [inline]
elem(int i)ivector [inline]
elem(int i) const ivector [inline]
fill(const char *s)ivector
fill_multinomial(const int &seed, const dvector &p)ivector
fill_multinomial(const random_number_generator &rng, const dvector &p)ivector
fill_seqadd(int, int)ivector
get_ncopies() const ivector [inline]
get_v() const ivector [inline]
i3_array classivector [friend]
imatrix classivector [friend]
index_maxivector [protected]
index_minivector [protected]
indexmax() const ivector [inline]
indexmin() const ivector [inline]
ivector(const lvector &)ivector
ivector(const dvector &)ivector
ivector(int ncl, int ncu)ivector
ivector(const ad_integer &ncl, const index_type &ncu)ivector
ivector(unsigned int sz, long int *x)ivector
ivector(const preivector &pd)ivector
ivector(const ivector &t)ivector
operator!() const ivector [inline]
operator()(int i)ivector [inline]
operator()(int i) const ivector [inline]
operator()(int lb, int ub)ivector [inline]
operator()(const ivector &u)ivector
operator++()ivector [inline]
operator+=(const ivector &t)ivector
operator+=(int t)ivector
operator--()ivector [inline]
operator=(const ivector &t)ivector
operator=(int t)ivector
operator=(const lvector &t)ivector
operator[](int i)ivector [inline]
operator[](int i) const ivector [inline]
read_from(const istream &s)ivector
read_from(const uistream &s)ivector
reallocate(double size)ivector
safe_allocate(int ncl, int ncu)ivector
save_ivector_position() const ivector
save_ivector_value() const ivector
shallow_copy(const ivector &t)ivector
shapeivector [protected]
shift(int min)ivector
size() const ivector [inline]
sub(int lb, int ub)ivector [inline]
vivector [protected]
vector_index classivector [friend]
write_on(const ostream &s) const ivector
write_on(const uostream &s) const ivector