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line_adstring Member List
This is the complete list of members for line_adstring, including all inherited members.
adstring(const adstring &v)adstring
adstring(const char v)adstring
adstring(const char *t)adstring
adstring(const unsigned char v)adstring
adstring(const unsigned char *t)adstring
adstring(const size_t lb, const size_t ub)adstring
adstring(const int size)adstring
allocate(const char *t)adstring
buff_size() const adstring
clist()clist [inline, protected]
clist(const clist &pt)clist [protected]
length(const int &max=1000) const clist
line_adstring(void)line_adstring [inline]
line_adstring(const adstring &s)line_adstring [inline]
nextclist [protected]
operator char *()adstring
operator const char *() const adstring
operator const unsigned char *() const adstring
operator unsigned char *()adstring
operator!=(const adstring &u)adstring [inline]
operator()(const size_t i)adstring
operator()(const size_t i) const adstring
operator()(const size_t i, const size_t j)adstring
operator()(const size_t i, const size_t j) const adstring
operator+(const adstring &u, const adstring &v)adstring [friend]
operator+(const adstring &u, const unsigned char v)adstring [friend]
operator+(const adstring &u, const char v)adstring [friend]
operator+(const adstring &u, const unsigned char *v)adstring [friend]
operator+(const adstring &u, const char *v)adstring [friend]
operator+(const unsigned char *v, const adstring &u)adstring [friend]
operator+(const char *v, const adstring &u)adstring [friend]
operator+(const unsigned char u, const adstring &v)adstring [friend]
operator+=(const adstring &u)adstring
operator+=(const char u)adstring [inline]
operator<<(std::ostream &c, const adstring &t)adstring [friend]
operator=(const adstring &s)line_adstring
operator=(const char *s)line_adstring
adstring::operator=(const char t)adstring
operator==(const adstring &u)adstring
operator==(const char *u)adstring [inline]
operator==(const char *u) const adstring
operator==(const adstring &u) const adstring
operator>>(std::istream &c, line_adstring &t)line_adstring [friend]
adstring::operator>>(std::istream &c, adstring &t)adstring [friend]
operator[](const size_t i)adstring
operator[](const size_t i) const adstring
pos(const adstring &substr) const adstring
prev() const clist [protected]
realloc(const char *t)adstring
size() const adstring
str(double x, int minwidth, int decplaces)adstring [friend]
str(const int x)adstring [friend]
to_lower(adstring &s)adstring
to_upper(adstring &s)adstring
val(const adstring &s, int &v, int &code)adstring [friend]
val(const adstring &s)adstring [friend]