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lvector Member List
This is the complete list of members for lvector, including all inherited members.
allocate(int ncl, int ncu)lvector
allocate(const lvector &)lvector
elem(int i)lvector [inline]
elem(int i) const lvector [inline]
fill(const char *s)lvector
fill_multinomial(const int &seed, const dvector &p)lvector
fill_multinomial(const random_number_generator &rng, const dvector &p)lvector
fill_seqadd(const AD_LONG_INT &, const AD_LONG_INT &)lvector
indexmax() const lvector [inline]
indexmin() const lvector [inline]
lmatrix classlvector [friend]
lvector(const lvector &)lvector
lvector(const dvector &)lvector
lvector(const ivector &)lvector
lvector(int ncl, int ncu)lvector
lvector(unsigned int sz, AD_LONG_INT *x)lvector
operator AD_LONG_INT *()lvector
operator!(void) const lvector [inline]
operator()(int i)lvector [inline]
operator()(int i) const lvector [inline]
operator()(const lvector &u)lvector
operator=(const lvector &t)lvector
operator[](int i)lvector [inline]
operator[](int i) const lvector [inline]
read_from(const istream &s)lvector
read_from(const uistream &s)lvector
shapelvector [private]
shift(int min)lvector
size() const lvector [inline]
vlvector [private]
write_on(const ostream &s) const lvector
write_on(const uostream &s) const lvector