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matrix_index Member List
This is the complete list of members for matrix_index, including all inherited members.
allocate(int nrl, int nrh, const ivector &iv)imatrix
allocate(const imatrix &dm)imatrix
allocate(int nrl, int nrh, int ncl, int nch)imatrix
allocate(int nrl, int nrh)imatrix
allocate(int nrl, int nrh, int ncl, const ivector &nch)imatrix
allocate(int nrl, int nrh, const ivector &ncl, const ivector &nch)imatrix
allocate(const ad_integer &nrl, const ad_integer &nrh, const index_type &ncl, const index_type &nch)imatrix
colfill_seqadd(int, int, int)imatrix
colmax(void) const imatrix [inline]
colmin(void) const imatrix [inline]
colsize() const imatrix [inline]
dimension(void) const matrix_index [inline, virtual]
elem(int i)imatrix [inline]
elem(int i, int j)imatrix [inline]
elem(int i) const imatrix [inline]
elem(int i, int j) const imatrix [inline]
fform(const char *, const dmatrix &)imatrix [friend]
fill_seqadd(int, int)imatrix
i3_array classimatrix [friend]
imatrix(int, int)imatrix
imatrix(int nrl, int nrh, const ivector &iv)imatrix
imatrix(int, int, int, int)imatrix
imatrix(int, int, int, const ivector &)imatrix
imatrix(int, int, const ivector &, const ivector &)imatrix
imatrix(const ad_integer &nrl, const ad_integer &nrh, const index_type &ncl, const index_type &nch)imatrix
imatrix(const imatrix &)imatrix
imatrix(const imatrix_position &)imatrix
index_guts(const index_guts &ig)index_guts
index_maximatrix [protected]
index_minimatrix [protected]
index_type classmatrix_index [friend]
indexmax(void)matrix_index [inline, virtual]
imatrix::indexmax(void) const imatrix [inline]
indexmin(void)matrix_index [inline, virtual]
imatrix::indexmin(void) const imatrix [inline]
isinteger(void) const index_guts [inline, virtual]
mimatrix [protected]
matrix_index(const imatrix &v)matrix_index [inline]
ncopiesindex_guts [protected]
operator int()index_guts [inline, virtual]
operator!(void) const imatrix [inline]
operator()(int)imatrix [inline]
operator()(int, int)imatrix [inline]
operator()(int) const imatrix [inline]
operator()(int, int) const imatrix [inline]
operator=(const imatrix &t)imatrix
operator=(const int)imatrix
operator[](int i)matrix_index [private, virtual]
imatrix::operator[](int) const imatrix [inline]
read_from(const istream &)imatrix
read_from(const uistream &)imatrix
restore_imatrix_value(const imatrix_position &mpos)imatrix
rowmax(void) const imatrix [inline]
rowmin(void) const imatrix [inline]
rowshift(int min)imatrix
rowsize() const imatrix [inline]
shallow_copy(const imatrix &)imatrix
shapeimatrix [protected]
sub(int, int)imatrix
write_on(const ostream &) const imatrix
write_on(const uostream &) const imatrix
~index_guts()index_guts [virtual]
~matrix_index()matrix_index [virtual]