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pvm_int Class Reference

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#include <admodel.h>

Public Member Functions

void assign (const ivector &)
void assign (int)
virtual void get_from_master (void)
 operator int ()
virtual void send_to_slaves (void)

Public Attributes

int d
ivector v

Detailed Description

Description not yet available.


Definition at line 742 of file admodel.h.

Member Function Documentation

void pvm_int::assign ( const ivector )
void pvm_int::assign ( int  )
virtual void pvm_int::get_from_master ( void  ) [virtual]

Implements pvm_params.

pvm_int::operator int ( )
virtual void pvm_int::send_to_slaves ( void  ) [virtual]

Implements pvm_params.

Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 748 of file admodel.h.

Definition at line 747 of file admodel.h.

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