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df1b2lp9.cpp File Reference

(* $Id$)

Description not yet available. More...

#include <admodel.h>
#include <df1b2fun.h>
#include <adrndeff.h>

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typedef fmmpfmm


static void crap (void)
static void crap (double ff, dvector &uuu, dvector &gg)


static int no_stuff = 0

Detailed Description

Description not yet available.

Definition in file df1b2lp9.cpp.

Typedef Documentation

typedef fmm* pfmm

Definition at line 25 of file df1b2lp9.cpp.

Function Documentation

static void crap ( void  ) [static]
static void crap ( double  ff,
dvector uuu,
dvector gg 
) [static]

Definition at line 19 of file df1b2lp9.cpp.

Variable Documentation

int no_stuff = 0 [static]