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dvector.cpp File Reference

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#include "fvar.hpp"

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double avg (double x, double y)
 Average of two numbers; constant objects.
double cube (const double m)
 Cube of a number; constant objects.
double fourth (const double m)
 Fourth power of a number; constant objects.
int heapcheck (void)
 Does nothing.
int max (int a, int b)
 Largest of two integer; constant objects.
void myheapcheck (char *msg)
 Does nothing.
double operator* (const dvector &t1, const dvector &t2)
 Compute the dot product of two vectors.
dvector operator* (const double x, const dvector &t1)
 Multiply a dvector by a constant.
dvector operator+ (const dvector &t1, const dvector &t2)
 Add two dvectors.
dvector operator- (const dvector &t1, const dvector &t2)
 Subtract two dvectors.

Detailed Description

Description not yet available.

Definition in file dvector.cpp.

Function Documentation

int heapcheck ( void  )

Does nothing.

Referenced by operator*().

void myheapcheck ( char *  msg)

Does nothing.

This function is only defined for older Borland compilers. The user could provide an implementation that might be useful in certain circumstances.

msgPointer to character array.

Definition at line 688 of file dvector.cpp.

Referenced by dvar_vector::allocate(), sdmatrix::allocate(), d3_array::allocate(), dvar3_array::allocate(), dmatrix::dmatrix(), dmatrix::fill(), dvector::operator=(), independent_variables::operator=(), dvector::~dvector(), ivector::~ivector(), and sdmatrix::~sdmatrix().