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modspmin.cpp File Reference

(* $Id$)

#include <admodel.h>
#include <df1b2fun.h>
#include <adrndeff.h>

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void ad_open_mcmc_options_window (void)
void ad_open_mcmchist_window (void)
void ad_update_mcmc_report (double *v, int l)
void ADSleep (unsigned int x)
 Description not yet available.
void test_mcmc_options_window (void)
void write_banner_stuff (void)


admb_javapointers * adjm_ptr

Function Documentation

void ad_open_mcmc_options_window ( void  )
void ad_open_mcmchist_window ( void  )
void ad_update_mcmc_report ( double *  v,
int  l 
void ADSleep ( unsigned int  t)

Description not yet available.


Definition at line 26 of file adsleep.cpp.

Referenced by test_mcmc_options_window().

void test_mcmc_options_window ( void  )

Definition at line 350 of file modspmin.cpp.

void write_banner_stuff ( void  )

Definition at line 324 of file modspmin.cpp.

Referenced by function_minimizer::computations().

Variable Documentation

admb_javapointers* adjm_ptr