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parallel.cpp File Reference

(* $Id: parallel.cpp 1343 2013-11-19 19:56:22Z johnoel $)

#include <admodel.h>
#include "adpvm2.h"

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typedef char * charptr
typedef char * pchar


void admaster_slave_variable_interface (const ad_comm &mp)
void admaster_slave_variable_interface (void)
d3_array get_dmatrix_from_slaves (void)
d3_array get_dmatrix_from_slaves (const imatrix &flags)
dmatrix get_dvector_from_slaves (void)
dvar_matrix get_f_from_slaves (void)
int get_int_from_master (void)
imatrix get_int_from_slaves (void)
void send_cf_to_slaves (int nvar, int current_phase, const dvar_vector &x)
void send_dmatrix_to_master (const dmatrix &m)
void send_dmatrix_to_slaves (const dmatrix &x, ivector &jmin, ivector &jmax)
void send_dvector_to_master (const dvector &v)
void send_dvector_to_slaves (const dvector &x)
void send_int_to_master (int i)
void send_int_to_slaves (int x)
void send_x_to_slaves (const dvar_vector &x)

Typedef Documentation

typedef char* charptr

Definition at line 124 of file parallel.cpp.

typedef char* pchar

Definition at line 26 of file parallel.cpp.

Function Documentation

Definition at line 680 of file parallel.cpp.

Referenced by model_parameters::preliminary_calculations().

Definition at line 715 of file parallel.cpp.

Definition at line 554 of file parallel.cpp.

int get_int_from_master ( void  )
void send_cf_to_slaves ( int  nvar,
int  current_phase,
const dvar_vector x 

Definition at line 402 of file parallel.cpp.

void send_dmatrix_to_master ( const dmatrix m)
void send_dmatrix_to_slaves ( const dmatrix x,
ivector jmin,
ivector jmax 
void send_dvector_to_master ( const dvector v)
void send_dvector_to_slaves ( const dvector x)
void send_int_to_master ( int  i)
void send_int_to_slaves ( int  x)

Definition at line 422 of file parallel.cpp.

void send_x_to_slaves ( const dvar_vector x)