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randeff.cpp File Reference

(* $Id: randeff.cpp 2529 2014-10-30 18:15:56Z johnoel $)

#include <admodel.h>

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typedef int integer
typedef long int logical


int xlbfgs_ (integer *n, integer *m, dvar_vector &x, dvariable &f, dvar_vector &g, logical *diagco, dvar_vector &diag, integer *iprint, double *eps, double *xtol, dvar_vector &w, integer *iflag, integer *iter)

Typedef Documentation

typedef int integer

Definition at line 13 of file randeff.cpp.

typedef long int logical

Definition at line 14 of file randeff.cpp.

Function Documentation

int xlbfgs_ ( integer n,
integer m,
dvar_vector x,
dvariable f,
dvar_vector g,
logical diagco,
dvar_vector diag,
integer iprint,
double *  eps,
double *  xtol,
dvar_vector w,
integer iflag,
integer iter