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Different uses of ADMB in fisheries stock assessments or other fisheries work
A fisheries model with random effects
Catch-age model from Schnute and Richards (1995) with annual recruitments as random effects.
Baranov catch equation
Example by Steven Martell of writing adjoint code in ADMB to numerically solve the Baranov catch equation. A simple simulation model is used to generate simulated catch and relative abundance data with observation error only. The assessment model is then conditioned on the simulated catch data.
Pella-Tomlinson basic model
Pella-Tomlinson by Arni Magnusson with user interface and formatted MCMC output. Repeats and extends the analysis of Polacheck et al. (1993).
Pella-Tomlinson from ADMB manual
Pella-Tomlinson example by Dave Fournier from the ADMB manual. Demonstrates several innovative modelling approaches: 6 month time step, time-varying K and q.

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