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ADMB anonymous source version control available

Hi all,


The primary ADMB version control has been moved!  It is now located at

To checkout the trunk, use the command below to anonymously checkout a

read-only copy

svn checkout admb-trunk-read-only


For Tortoise svn users, use the url above to checkout code.

After checking out a copy, read the README.txt in the trunk for procedures

to build ADMB.


The previous version control (shibi) is now read-only accessible.  The last revision is 1006.  The new primary version control was imported only with the trunk at 1006.  Past versions will require accessing the previous version control.


For those that need write access, please email to

request an account.  The Core ADMB developer's accounts are being transferred

to the new version control.  To checkout code with write access use the command


svn checkout svn+ssh:// admb-trunk

The configure script will need to be build using the command below

cd admb-trunk

make --directory=scripts/configure




make install

For help or questions, please email


Lastly, I would like to thank Arni Magnusson and Ben Bolker for their persistence.

Yes, you can stop hitting me with the hammer now...


Thank you so much for your patience.