From 05/07/2012 to 06/05/2012


07:11 pm Support #101 (Resolved): Have mingw.mak build the 'contrib' component of ADMB
Done revision 480. Johnoel Ancheta
07:10 pm Revision 480: [Issue #101] mingw.mak builds contrib libraries by default.
Johnoel Ancheta


11:10 am Feature #104 (Closed): set -nosdmcmc by default
Jim Ianelli points out that the flag -nosdmcmc should be set by default since folks don't make much use of the hst file. Ian Taylor


02:22 pm Revision 479: Fix broken build. Should now work for any version of MinGW.
Johnoel Ancheta
02:14 pm Support #59: Installation Documentation
Will recheck installation guides using installers chosen for ADMB 11 release Ian Taylor
06:22 pm Revision 478: Fix up windows batch files.
Johnoel Ancheta
05:05 pm Revision 477: Should copy AND not delete sed utility to bin.
Johnoel Ancheta


04:58 pm Revision 476: Should copy sed utility to bin.
Johnoel Ancheta
04:37 pm Revision 475: Watch out for spaces.
Johnoel Ancheta
06:56 pm Support #58 (Closed): Windows installation
Johnoel Ancheta
06:54 pm Support #62 (Closed): Windows building from source
Builds for mingw and visual c++, but have not tried for minw-w64. Johnoel Ancheta


06:49 pm Revision 474: [Coding Standard] No tabs.
Johnoel Ancheta


09:18 am Revision 473: Parallelization work and other code improvements
Derek Seiple
06:47 pm Revision 472: [Coding Standard] No tabs.
Johnoel Ancheta
06:27 pm Bug #103: .sd values from random_effects_vector
This apparently only occurs when a REPORT_SECTION is missing...argh! Jim Ianelli
05:40 pm Bug #103 (New): .sd values from random_effects_vector
df1b .sd values from random_effects_vector are unavailable...calling (if u is defined as a random_effects_vecto... Jim Ianelli


06:47 pm Revision 471: Ignore linker error for sunstudio.
Johnoel Ancheta


05:28 pm Support #47 (Closed): Include valgrind in buildbot tasks
Done in Revision 470. Johnoel Ancheta
05:27 pm Revision 470: [Issue #47] Add valgrind option to examples Makefile to check for memory leaks.
Johnoel Ancheta


04:43 pm Feature #102 (Closed): ad2csv in 'bin' directory
Completed in Revision 469. Johnoel Ancheta
04:42 pm Revision 469: Build ad2csv for vc.
Johnoel Ancheta
04:35 pm Revision 468: Improve building ad2csv target.
Johnoel Ancheta
02:37 pm Bug #90 (Closed): memory allocation settings
Ian Taylor
02:37 pm Bug #90: memory allocation settings
uploaded changes to arrmblsize in revision 447 Ian Taylor
02:35 pm Bug #37 (Closed): problem in df1b2fun.h
Uploaded fix proposed by Chris Gast in revision 467. Somebody should probably test the ln_det function to make sure t... Ian Taylor
02:33 pm Revision 467: fix proposed by Chris Gast for issue #37 with mismatch in ln_det
Ian Taylor
01:15 pm Revision 466: Forgot the Makefile...
Johnoel Ancheta
12:48 pm Revision 465: [Issue #102] Added ad2csv target to the build files. Executable is put into the di...
Johnoel Ancheta


05:50 pm Support #57 (Closed): Mac/Unix installation
Seems to be working. Johnoel Ancheta
05:26 pm Revision 464: Should be cxxflags instead of arch_cxxflags.
Johnoel Ancheta


04:42 pm Revision 463: fixed incorrect fix
Ian Taylor
01:24 pm Revision 462: Move sed.exe to utilities.
Johnoel Ancheta
11:38 am Revision 461: new newfmin.cpp file created by Dave and amended based on subsequent emails
Ian Taylor
06:22 pm Revision 460: Fix mingw build.
Johnoel Ancheta
06:14 pm Revision 459: Add quotes around PATH in case there are spaces.
Johnoel Ancheta
05:19 pm Revision 458: Ingore warnings for checkstyle.
Johnoel Ancheta


03:43 pm Support #39 (Closed): documents for Mac users
Documented in Revision 457. Johnoel Ancheta
03:43 pm Revision 457: [Issue #39] Document how to set ADMB_HOME and PATH system variable for non-bash she...
Johnoel Ancheta
01:53 pm Feature #94: implement and document mcmc options
Target for next release. Johnoel Ancheta
01:32 pm Support #77: Tutorial on how to write contributed functions
Target for next release. Johnoel Ancheta
01:29 pm Feature #35: out of date User Manual
Will take longer than a week. Johnoel Ancheta
09:47 am Revision 456: .gdbinit - place in ~/ on Linux or Mac or in C:\ on MS Windows to enable various st...
Chris Grandin
08:49 am Revision 455: Need two %contriblib% library includes for gcc linker on windows.
Chris Grandin
06:08 pm Support #66 (Closed): SVN and contribution technical tutorial
Done Revision 454. Johnoel Ancheta
06:07 pm Revision 454: [Issue #66] Add links to subversion documentation.
Johnoel Ancheta
05:01 pm Feature #49 (Closed): Create symbolic link to built admb folder
Done Revision 453. Johnoel Ancheta
05:00 pm Revision 453: [Issue #49] Make it easier to find admb with a soft link.
Johnoel Ancheta


04:30 pm Feature #84 (Closed): debug version of binaries
Johnoel Ancheta
03:13 pm Revision 452: [Issue #84] Document how to build with debugging symbols.
Johnoel Ancheta
03:01 pm Revision 451: parallelization of inner_optimization_banded function and sepbounds bug fix
Derek Seiple
02:42 pm Bug #32 (Closed): out of date documentation
Can't seem to do it. Johnoel Ancheta
01:24 pm Support #31 (Closed): README.txt
Done Revision 450. Johnoel Ancheta
01:24 pm Revision 450: [Issue #31] Update README.txt with Mollie's suggestions.
Johnoel Ancheta
12:52 pm Feature #41 (Closed): Add condition for older version of MinGW and Win XP in configure file
Added in Revision 449. Johnoel Ancheta
12:52 pm Revision 449: [Issue #41] Add configure option for MinGW 5.1
Johnoel Ancheta


10:54 am Revision 448: Latest work
Derek Seiple
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