From 07/18/2012 to 08/16/2012


05:09 pm Revision 561: Add gtest functions.
Johnoel Ancheta


03:52 pm Revision 560: Correct test rename beta1 to betai.
Johnoel Ancheta
02:22 pm Revision 559: Rename test to betai.
Johnoel Ancheta
02:18 pm Revision 558: attempt to fix getch error in fvar.hpp
John Sibert
01:59 pm Revision 557: Update beta1 example with unit testing.
Johnoel Ancheta
11:10 am Feature #92: Developers workshop report
clean Jim Ianelli
05:09 pm Revision 556: reformat, add dox, and rationalize macro definitions in fvar.hpp
John Sibert


12:28 pm Bug #105: working directory behavior
file with relevant code is in nh99\model7.cpp Jim Ianelli
12:26 pm Bug #105 (New): working directory behavior
The root program name seems to be varying by compiler (the whole name for gcc under windows as opposed to just the pr... Jim Ianelli


09:58 am Revision 555: Added copy commands for .bat files (adlink,adcom,admb) for those of us compiling wi...
Chris Grandin


09:24 am Revision 554: Added parallel-diff.txt. It shows what code has been changed during development.
Derek Seiple


07:41 am Revision 553: Put all mpi examples in admb-mpi examples folder
Derek Seiple
07:35 am Revision 552: Put all mpi examples in admb-mpi examples folder
Derek Seiple


11:55 am Revision 551: Fix build errors
Derek Seiple
10:04 am Revision 550: Fix build error introduced in last commit
Derek Seiple
07:02 pm Revision 549: Add unit tests for beta functions.
Johnoel Ancheta


01:36 pm Revision 548: Initialize ld.
Johnoel Ancheta
08:43 am Revision 547: merge trunk to branch -r 434:546
Derek Seiple
05:31 pm Revision 546: It should be cxxflags and not arch_cxxflags for configure script.
Johnoel Ancheta
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