From 01/09/2013 to 02/07/2013


07:04 am Bug #110: set_scalefactor should work with random effects
Fixed for scalar objects, vectors and matrices remains. Hans Skaug
04:32 pm Revision 748: Remove unused file.
Johnoel Ancheta
04:22 pm Revision 747: Add scale_factor for random effects model. Code from Dave
Hans Skaug


12:29 pm Feature #80 (Closed): Including contributed functions with build
Johnoel Ancheta
12:22 pm Bug #112 (In Progress): ADMB-11 issues with .std files
Already fixed in trunk, no action needed. Johnoel Ancheta
12:19 pm Feature #113 (In Progress): Merge Oct2012 branch to trunk
Johnoel Ancheta
06:00 pm Bug #112 (Closed): ADMB-11 issues with .std files
There is a known issue with the released version of ADMB 11 and the way it calculates the .std files. While a new rel... Juan Valero
05:12 pm Revision 746: Set VERSION to 11.1.
Johnoel Ancheta


02:55 pm Revision 745: Documented commandline option matching
Hans Skaug
01:14 pm Revision 744: Add note for needing command line tools for Xcode.
Johnoel Ancheta


12:31 pm Revision 743: Use const instead of BOR_CONST and _CONST.
Johnoel Ancheta


09:26 am Revision 742: add threadless msimple1.tpl
John Sibert


01:00 pm Revision 741: add multisimple & nst to tests
John Sibert
05:56 pm Revision 740: Initial tests for threaded hessian.
Johnoel Ancheta


08:51 am Revision 739: fix typo in admb.tex
John Sibert


10:06 am Revision 738: Added omitted dbinom functions to statsLib.h
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