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307 03/15/2012 07:35 pm Weihai Liu

add header file

306 03/15/2012 07:12 pm Weihai Liu

update user contribute lib

304 03/15/2012 07:04 pm stevenmartell

Additions to the statsLib in the contrib directory

296 03/14/2012 05:54 pm Chris Grandin

Remove the copying of source files to build directory. Users shouldn't see source in this context!

295 03/14/2012 05:27 pm stevenmartell

Changes to the config file to allow the contrib directory to be created and populated in make install on the mac

286 03/13/2012 04:17 pm Arni Magnusson

Better description of contrib/qfclib

285 03/13/2012 03:08 pm Arni Magnusson

Add readme.txt for contrib directory

284 03/13/2012 12:11 pm stevenmartell

Added proper citation for How to Cite ADMB and URL in the ReadMe file.

223 01/11/2012 04:50 pm Johnoel Ancheta

Opps forgot to clean statslib.

222 01/11/2012 04:38 pm Johnoel Ancheta

Issue 3: added contrib to the distribution and added included them in the admb scripts.

218 01/04/2012 11:14 am mbrooks

Combined dnbinom.cpp and dnbinom_eco.cpp, all now named dnbinom. Added dzinbinom.cpp zero inflated negative binomial negative log likelihood.

214 12/27/2011 02:11 pm jsibert

fix latex error in dox for dnorm.cpp and dlnorm.cpp

204 12/15/2011 02:59 am cgrandin

Fixed statsLib.h so that it contains the function and class declarations for the implemented functions. Removed redundant #include statements. Added some functions including vcubic_spline, dunif, dinvgamma, dmvlogistic, eplogis, mutifan, and rmvlogistic. Created makefiles for g++ and Visual studio (cl) compilers. These have both been tested on Windows. g++ works through mingw comand shell and cl works through the Visual studio command prompt. Still need to get dbinom_eco and dbinom_eco_zi working.

123 08/05/2011 06:04 pm johnoel

Add license to contrib header.

118 08/03/2011 01:50 pm johnoel

Create ecolib.h header and included them in source files that were missing the functions.

116 08/02/2011 05:51 pm johnoel

Added build files for contributed libraries.
To use:
$ make --directory=scripts/configure
$ ./configure
$ make
$ make contrib

115 08/01/2011 04:56 pm mbrooks

typo in dnbinom_eco

114 08/01/2011 04:50 pm mbrooks

added dnbinom_ecoand dnbinom_eco_zi functions separate from dnbinom because they are parametarized differently, the parmetarization most often used by ecologists. _zi stands for zero inflated

113 08/01/2011 04:34 pm mbrooks

removed vectorized and random effects versions

112 08/01/2011 04:27 pm mbrooks

added vectorized and random effects versions of dnbinom

111 08/01/2011 03:40 pm mbrooks

added vectorized versions to dgamma

107 07/29/2011 11:40 am stevenmartell

Modified dnbinom.cpp due to potential bug that Mollie Brooks pointed out. THANKS MB!

105 07/28/2011 11:02 am liuweih

overload likelihood functions for random effect, and change the format, the old one from VC++ editor looks not good in redmine.

103 07/27/2011 01:04 pm liuweih

user contribute library from weihai, some useful functions for doing simulation in admb and overloaded functions of negative log likelihood for some distributions

96 07/24/2011 09:56 am mbrooks

added ecolib, including templates and tests

91 07/14/2011 04:26 pm stevenmartell

Update to Doxyfile with help info for contrib/statslib

90 07/14/2011 04:10 pm stevenmartell

Contributed libraries from Steve Martell --directory contrib/statslib

56 06/27/2011 04:39 pm johnoel

Add place for user contributed files.