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Do you find standard statistical packages too restrictive?

ADMB-RE provides great flexibility for use of random effects in nonlinear models

List of publications where ADMB-RE has been used.
glmmADMB: R-package for fitting mixed models to overdispersed and zero inflated count data. glmmADMB is implemented using ADMB-RE, but it is free!

Nonlinear mixed models (nlme type)
Frailty models in survival analysis
Semiparametric regression
Stochastic volatility models

Fields of application
Statistical modelling
Financial time series
Fisheries assessments

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A note for ADMB users

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Free evaluation version of ADMB-RE can be downloaded here


  • Nested and crossed random effects
  • Exact marginal likelihood by importance sampling
  • Seamless switch between maximum likelihood and MCMC based inference

Technical details

  • Model specification in C++ like language
  • Hyper-parameters (variance components etc.) estimated by maximum likelihood
  • Marginal likelihood evaluated by the Laplace approximation or importance sampling
  • ADMB-RE calculates exact derivatives using Automatic Differentiation
  • All the useful features of ordinary AD Model Builder are available

Why choose ADMB-RE?

  • Flexibility: In principle you can implement any random effect you can think of
  • Convenience: Computational details are transparent. Your only responsibility is to formulate the loglikelihood
  • Computational efficiency: ADMB-RE is up to 50 times faster than winBUGS
  • Robustness: With exact derivatives you can fit highly nonlinear models
  • Convergence diagnostic: The gradient of the likelihood function provides a clear convergence diagnostic, while with MCMC judging convergence is difficult.

Updated August 2006

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