ADMB-RE example collection

1. Generalized additive models (GAM's)
2. Nonparametric estimation of the variance function
3. Mixed logistic regression; a comparison with WinBUGS
4. Discrete valued time series
5. Ordered categorical responses
6. Nonlinear mixed models; a comparison with NLME
7. Pharmacokinetics; a comparison with NLME
8. Weibull regression in censored survival analysis
9. Poisson regression with spatially correlated random effects
10. Stochastic volatility models for financial time series
11. Negative binomial mixed model; a comparison with SAS NLMIXED
12. Crossed random effects; Beyond NLME
13. Mixed models for overdispersed and zero-inflated count data in R
14. REML estimation; Assessment of BCB bowhead whales
15. A crossed random effects model with 5 levels of crossing
16. A nested random effects model with 4 levels of nesting
17. Gamma distributed random effects
18. Correlated random effects; the orange-data model revisited
19. Frequency weighting to speed up computations
20. Skewed random effects
21. A fisheries model with random effects