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Generalized Linear Mixed Models using AD Model Builder


Fits mixed-effects models to count data using Binomial, Poisson or negative binomial response distributions. Zero-inflated versions of Poisson and negative binomial distributions are available.


Package: glmmADMB
Version: 0.2
License: GPL
Packaged: Thu Dec 1 07:02:40 2005; andersn
Built: R 2.2.0; ; 2005-12-01 07:13:48; unix


anova.glmm.admb         Anova for glmm.admb objects
epil2                   Seizure Counts for Epileptics
glmm.admb               Generalized Linear Mixed Models using AD Model Builder
glmmADMB-package        What the package does (this help file)
logLik.glmm.admb        logLik.glmm.admb
plot.glmm.admb          plot.glmm.admb
print.glmm.admb         Print glmm.admb objects
ranef.glmm.admb         Extract Random Effects
summary.glmm.admb       summary.glmm.admb


Hans Skaug <>, Dave Fournier <>, Anders Nielsen <>

Maintainer: Hans Skaug <>

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