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Revision 92

Added by cgrandin about 5 years ago

Scanner prior name (prior_name) and definition (prior_def) regular expressions now allow for whitespace around the tilde. Also a prior on a function call can now be defined, i.e. log(q) ~ dnorm(0,1). Also some changes by Weihai: "Most updates are in the define_prior, it allow users having any spaces around ~, and around their argument lists, I also setup the distribution mirror link there, not sure if that is the right way to go, which also need another user defined function see trim() at the end of file. See my attached rat example, which based on Mark's example converting winbugs to admb, first model on winbugs examples.
I wrapped the piece of code dealing with "}" as a function and added for other sections, such as final, between phase, runtime, slave, and it seems no need for top of main section. "


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