ADMB-11.4 released

Hi all,

The ADMB-11.4 release is now freely available.
Read ‘CHANGES‘ for a list of bug fixes, improvements and new features.
Read ‘INSTALL‘ procedures to install from source and binary distributions.

This quick release fixes a problem reported by Steve Martell with building shared libraries for admb and random effects models.

Follow the unix commands below to build a admb random effects shared library:

examples/admb-re/orange$ admb -d orange

Use -d option to build shared library, then follow the commands to use the shared library in R:

> dyn.load(“”)
> ret <- .C(“orange”, “”)
> dyn.unload(“”)

Check ADMB-11.4 downloads for source and binary distributions. Email any feedback to

ADMB Core Team

Posted on May 29, 2015

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