• AD Studio
    Statistical modelling in ADMB and TMB
    (development environment, successor of ADMB-IDE)
  • Editors
    Information about editors, syntax highlighting, etc.
  • flex
    tpl2cpp and tpl2rem are written in flex
  • gcc
    GCC for Windows
  • gdb
    GDB for Windows
  • R
    Working with ADMB and R
  • ad2csv
    Read the the contents of .cov/hes/psv files, on screen or into a file
    Community Portal for Automatic Differentiation
  • glmmADMB
    R package: Generalized Linear Mixed Models with ADMB
    A length-based, age and spatially-structured model for fisheries stock assessment
  • Otter Research
    Note — The original Commercial website of ADMB is no longer active.
  • Valgrind
    Describe the procedure for using Valgrind to profile and check memory leaks.
    Windows tools required to build ADMB binaries from sources
  • Wolfram Alpha
    Pretty cool math tool - even does derivatives
  • ADMB Tools for Windows
    Windows tools for compiling and using ADMB. Start by downloading and reading the “Installation Guide for ADMB on Windows”. This includes links to the tools available here.

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