Materials from previous courses

September 2014
ADMB Workshop held at OSU, course materials available as part of the University of Washington class “FISH 559: Numerical Computing for the Natural Resources” taught by Andre Punt.
May 2013
ADMB Workshop held at UBC, course materials available at the workshop website
February 2013
ADMB course at ICES (TCADSAM 2013)
March 2012
ADMB course in Chile (In Spanish), March 2012
February 2011
ADMB course at ICES (TCADSAM 2011)
July 2010
ADMB workshop at International Statistical Ecology Conference 2010 (5 July 2010)
August 2009
Copenhagen, 17-18 August, 2009. Instructors: Anders Nielsen, John Sibert
July 2009
AZTI Tecnalia, San Sebastian, 6-7 July, 2009. Instructors: Anders Nielsen, John Sibert
March 2009
ADMB Workshop at NCEAS, Santa Barbara, 9 and 10 March 2009. Instructors: Anders Nielsen, Johnoel Ancheta, and Mark Maunder
2006 to 2009
ADMB Courses by the Quantitative Fisheries Center, Michigan State University
Other courses
Other courses with no course materials available

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