ADMB Usage Growing

Analysis of GitHub data by Arni Magnusson and Johnoel Ancheta shows some interesting trends in ADMB usage (See full description for details & stats) Quite a few Linux users prefer downloading prebuilt binaries (54 Ubuntu, 10 CentOS/Fedora) rather than building from sources,. The experimental Debian package has 11 downloads. The majority of Windows users who downloaded binaries are using the GCC compiler, but Visual C++ is quite common as well: Among binary downloads, the 32-bit versions of Windows and Mac are still alive and kicking in 2015. Here’s to good health and long life of 32-bit machines, both virtual and real ones: Overall, on all platforms, the download rate for ADMB 11.4 during the first 120 days was 7 downloads per day.

Posted on September 26, 2015

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