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ADMB Core Team
Developers Mailing List
Developers’ Workshops
Performance of different compilers and optimization software
Contribute Documentation
How to contribute documentation, including guidelines for improving the function reference guide
Control Files
Documentation of the LUP vector, an improvement in ADMB (rev1509, 2014-01-15) that makes it easier to specify parameter bounds and phases in ‘control files’.
Creating Custom Libraries
User-contributed packages containing ADMB functions
DLL Compilation
Ongoing effort to make DLL compilation a standard option in ADMB (Aaron, Allan, Arni, Chris, Iago, Laurie, Matthew, Weihai)
Packaging for Linux/Mac
Ongoing development towards MCMC improvements
Ongoing development towards parallel capability in ADMB
Files related to Template Model Builder (TMB)
Building ADMB from source on Windows - Development area
ADMB Beer Points
ADMB Coding Standards
ADMB Release Procedure
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