Date: Sat, 18 Jan 2014 10:03:50 +0000 (UTC)
From: Arni Magnusson <>
Subject: Re: Control files and basic MCMC


ADMB version r1509 proudly presents the LUP vector. A new overloaded function init_bounded_number(LUP) that accepts as an argument a vector of length 3 that specifies the lower bound, upper bound, and phase.

As the rest of us were getting excited about pseudocode and issue tickets Dave ended the discussion by just writing the code... Steve Martell then committed the code to the trunk (r1509).

I have created a Plone directory dedicated to this development at

It currently contains three models (example, pella, pella2) that demonstrate the new capability. As advertised, the code shrinks and simplifies considerably. In pella2, the control file is now LUP instead of PLUI, so the initial values are set in a .pin file. One could of course specify the initial values at the bottom of the control file, or put everything in the .dat file, like John Sibert mentioned.

I hope the directory will encourage developers to test and upload new ideas about further improvements of the control file functionality in ADMB. John's XML idea could be valuable, also to establish a general interface to external programs or data servers. ADMB can handle big data, right?