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Good examples are an important part of the ADMB documentation. The examples are categorised (see left) and include the ADMB files needed to run the model. Users are encouraged to contribute their own examples. Warning: currently the hierarchy of examples is under reorganization and hence linking to examples may be risky. (Better to link directly to underlying external material in case that is provided).

How to submit your own example

  • Upload the example to your own webpage
  • There are no style requirements (but .tpl .dat files are encouraged)
  • Send an email (Subject  "Example submission") to containing:
    • Link (URL) to the example
    • Title of the example
    • Abstract

The abstract will be uploaded to the ADMB project website. The rest will remain on your webpage. In that way you will be able to make changes later on. If you do not have your own webpage you can use Uploading examples to github.

Please suggest one of the categories to the left, or feel free to suggest new categories if you do not find the existing ones suitable.

See also NCEAS examples (ADMB/R/BUGS) from Bolker et al. (2013).