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August 2009

Copenhagen, 17-18 August, 2009. Instructors: Anders Nielsen, John Sibert
File PDF document Welcome to ADModel Builder
Welcome to the course and a little bit of preparatory homework, too.
File PDF document Getting Started with ADMB
Introduction to installation, syntax and compilation.
File PDF document Why 'AD' in ADModel Builder
What is automatic differentiation, why is it important, and what to do if there is a problem.
File PDF document Estimating and Expressing Uncertainty
Ways to communicate uncertainty to managers perhaps.
File PDF document ADMB Reference Card
First draft of a quick reference card summarizing many ADMB and AUTODIF features. This is a new documents, so comments are welcome.
File PDF document ADMB Primer
Hans Skaug's concise guide to the structure and content of ADMB template files.

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