ADMB Installation Linux

Shows the procedure to install, build and run ADMB in Linux. This installation procedure is outdated, but available for reference. Please see downloads for the most current install documentation.


Linux uses the GNU open source compiler gcc. This compiler can be used to build ADMB programs. Below shows the procedure to install and configure ADMB in Linux.

Note: a bit more information is also available in the brief Using ADMB on linux tutorial.


  1. Download and extract ADMB Linux binaries from downloads tab of this website.

  2. Open a bash shell, change to extracted Linux ADMB Home directory, then type the following commands .

    #Change to ADMB folder.
    $ cd ~/admb
    # Sets ADMB Home directory.
    $ export ADMB_HOME=~/admb 
    # Adds ADMB bin to $PATH
    $ export PATH=$ADMB_HOME/bin:$PATH 
  3. Change into ADMB Home directory, then run examples for verification.

    $ cd $ADMB_HOME
    $ chmod -R u+w examples
    $ cd examples
    $ make
  4. The screen shot output.

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