ADMB Installation Mac XCode

Describes the installation procedure for the MacOS package installer.


Apple Developer Tools (XCode) must be installed from


Download the 32 or 64 bit MacOS dmg file from the downloads tab of this website. Open ADMB dmg file. In the mounted disk image “ADMB 11”, copy “ADMB-11 Terminal” to the “Applications” folder.

Quick Start

Describes the procedure for building and running the ADMB simple example.

  1. Open Terminal located in /Applications/Utilities, then type admb for Usage options.
  2. Copy the “simple” model from the examples directory.

    $ cp -R /usr/local/admb/examples/admb/simple .
  3. Must change to the copied simple directory.

    $ cd simple
  4. Build the simple example.

    $ admb simple
  5. Run the simple example.

    $ ./simple
  6. If those commands give output like that shown in the screenshot below, your installation is a success. Consult the ADMB manual for description of the simple output files. screenshot of testing installation on a Mac

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