Quick Start Visual C++

Released December 20, 2016

ADMB binary installation and usage procedure for Windows and Visual C++ compilers using installer.

Quick Start

Prerequisite — Visual Studio C++ is installed on the local computer.

Note — A free version is available from: Visual Studio Express

  1. Download ADMB Windows Installer for Visual C++

  2. Install ADMB

    Double click the downloaded ADMB Windows Installer for Visual C++ and follow instructions.

  3. Use ADMB

    On the Desktop, double click ADMB Command Prompt shortcut to open command line window.

    In the ADMB Command Prompt window, use the steps below to build and run the simple example.

    Copy the simple example directory.

        C:\> xcopy /I /E "%ADMB_HOME%\examples\admb\simple" simple

    Change to simple example directory.

        C:\> cd simple

    Build simple example.

        C:\simple\> admb simple

    Run simple example.

        C:\simple\> simple

    Read manuals for more information.

For help and support, contact users@admb-project.org.

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