Quick Start Visual C++ from Zip

Released December 21, 2017

ADMB binary installation and usage procedure for Windows and Visual C++ compilers using zip file.

Quick Start

Prerequisite — Visual Studio C++ is installed on the local computer.

Note — A free version is available from: Visual Studio Express

  1. Download ADMB

    * For Visual C++ 2015 (64Bit), download [admb-12.0-windows10-vc14-64bit](https://github.com/admb-project/admb/releases/download/admb-12.0/admb-12.0-windows10-vc14-64bit.zip).
    * For Visual C++ 2013 (64Bit), download [admb-12.0-windows10-vc12-64bit](https://github.com/admb-project/admb/releases/download/admb-12.0/admb-12.0-windows10-vc12-64bit.zip).
    * For Visual C++ 2013 (32Bit), download [admb-12.0-windows10-vc12-32bit](https://github.com/admb-project/admb/releases/download/admb-12.0/admb-12.0-windows10-vc12-32bit.zip).
  2. Install ADMB

    Double click downloaded file to open, then copy **admb** folder to Local Disk (**C:\\>**).
  3. Use ADMB

    Using Windows Explorer, double click the **ADMB Command Prompt** shortcut located in **C:\\admb\\>**.
    In the **ADMB Command Prompt** window, use the steps below to build and run the simple example.
    Change simple example directory.
        C:\> cd admb\examples\admb\simple
    Build simple example.
        C:\admb\examples\admb\simple\> admb simple
    Run simple example.
        C:\admb\examples\admb\simple\> simple
    Read [manuals](https://github.com/admb-project/admb/releases/tag/admb-12.0/) for more information.

For help and support, contact users@admb-project.org.

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