Quick Start Windows from Source

Released December 21, 2017

ADMB source build and usage procedures for Windows.

For Windows computers with Visual C++ compiler already installed, read and follow the instuctions in QuickStart for Visual C++.

For builds within *Cygwin* and *MinGW-Msys* shells, read and follow the instructions in the QuickStart for Unix.


The following programs are required to be installed on the local computer.

  • C++ Compiler (see list below)

    Supported C++ Compilers for Windows

    Note — C++ Compilers should be included in the System Enviroment PATH.

  • Optional — Installed Subversion Client such as SlikSVN.

Quick Start

  1. Download ADMB

    Download source distribution admb-12.0-src.zip.

    Double click downloaded zip file and copy admb directory to the Local Drive (C:\>).

    Alternative — Use Git client (see command below) to download directly from ADMB version control repository.

     C:\> git clone https://github.com/admb-project/admb.git

    This will download latest admb source repository to C:\admb\>.

  2. Build ADMB source

    Open Command Prompt window.

    Change to admb directory.

     C:\> cd admb

    To build with MinGW C++ compiler, use the command below.

     C:\admb\> utilities\make

    If debug symbols are needed, use the command below.

     C:\admb\> utilities\make debug

    To build with MinGW C++ compiler and Msys , use the command below.

     C:\admb\> make

    To build 64 bit with Rtools, use the command below.

    Note — The outdated make utility from Rtools is incompatible with ADMB build files.

     C:\admb\> utilities\make CXXFLAGS=-m64 LDFLAGS=-m64

    Note — When the build is completed, C:\admb\build\dist\> is the binary distribution directory.

  3. Use ADMB

    In the Command Prompt window, use the steps below to build and run the simple example.

    Change to simple example directory.

        C:\admb\> cd examples\admb\simple

    Build simple example.

        C:\admb\examples\admb\simple\> C:\admb\admb simple.tpl

    Run simple example.

        C:\admb\examples\admb\simple\> simple.exe

    Read manuals for more information.

For help and support, contact users@admb-project.org.

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