ADMB Quick Start MacOS from Zip

Released July 31, 2020
Added September 16, 2020

Describe describe downloading, installing and using ADMB from Zip release for MacOS with Xcode 12.

PrerequisiteApple Developer Tools (XCode) must be installed with the command line tools. To install or update command line tools, use the command below in the MacOS Terminal, then click “Install” button in the window.

[~]$ xcode-select --install

Quick Start

  1. Download


    To test and debug admb programs using a debugger, download with debugging symbols. Since using the debug libraries will result in slower runs, it is only recommended for troubleshooting and debugging code.

  2. Install

    Open a Terminal, then use the command below to extract contents of the zip file to ~/admb-12.2/.

    [~]$ unzip
  3. Use ADMB

    In the Terminal window, use the steps below to build and run the simple example.

    Change to the simple example directory.

    [~]$ cd ~/admb-12.2/examples/admb/simple

    Build simple example.

    [~/admb-12.2/examples/admb/simple/]$ ~/admb-12.2/admb simple.tpl

    Debug — Use the admb debug option -g for debugging.

    Run simple example.

    [~/admb-12.2/examples/admb/simple/]$ ./simple

    Read manuals for more information.


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