ADMB Quick Start Unix

Released March 15, 2024

Describe downloading, installing and using ADMB from binary release for Linux.


The following tools are required to be installed on the local Linux computer.

  • GNU C++
  • GNU stream editor (sed)

Quick Start

  1. Download

    Download linux ZIP file

  2. Install

    Open a Terminal, then use the command below to extract contents of downloaded zip file to ~/admb/.

    [~]$ unzip
  3. Use ADMB

    In the Terminal window, use the commands below to build and run the simple example.

    Change to simple example directory.

    [~]$ cd ~/admb/examples/admb/simple

    Build simple example.

    [~/admb/examples/admb/simple/]$ ~/admb/admb simple.tpl

    Run simple example.

    [~/admb/examples/admb/simple/]$ ./simple

    Read manuals for more information.


For help and support, please post on the ADMB Discussions.

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