MULTIFAN-CL MULTIFAN-CL is a computer program that implements a statistical, length-based, age-structured model for use in fisheries stock assessment. The model is a convergence of two previous approaches. The original MULTIFAN model (Fournier et al. 1990) provided a method of analysing time series of length-frequency data using statistical theory to provide estimates of von Bertalanffy growth parameters and the proportions-at-age in the length-frequency data. The model and associated software were developed as an analytical tool for fisheries in which large-scale age sampling of catches was infeasible or not cost effective, but where length-frequency sampling data were available. MULTIFAN provided a statistically-based, robust method of length-frequency analysis that was an alternative to several ad hoc methods being promoted in the 1980s.

How to get MULTIFAN-CL

MULTIFAN-CL and associated programs and documentation are made available to the scientific community free of charge. However, all software and documentation are copyrighted, and availability of the software is subject to a license that places some minor restrictions on use and distribution . These restrictions permit licensees to distribute unaltered copies of the software, but not derivative works based on it. Licensees are not permitted to use the software for commercial purposes, unless they get the licensor’s permission.

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